Robert James Lees - Veronica Lees Keogh

Robert James Lees


Descendants of Norman Lees

Norman was the eldest son of Robert James and Sarah Lees. Norman's grand-daughter, Veronica Lees Keogh is in contact with this site and visited Lees' birthplace in September 2002

Veronica and her family


Veronica at Stanstead Hall


Veronica Lees Keogh, grand daughter of Robert James Lees' eldest son, Norman, pictured beside her great grandfather's artefacts at Stanstead Hall in September 2002.
An historic event.


Veronica outside Stanstead Hall


Veronica Lees Keogh, grand daughter of Norman Lees, outside the impressive facade of Stanstead Hall, where her great grandfather's study and artefacts are displayed.


Veronica outside Lees' birthplace


Veronica Lees Keogh, outside the small shop in Hinckley, Leicestershire, in which it is generally believed that Robert James Lees - her great grandfather - was born.


Veronica in pub


Veronica Lees Keogh sampling English ale in The Black Horse, Hinckley. This public house has very strong links with the Lees family. Veronica's great great great grandfather, Joseph Patch formerly owned the building.


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