Robert James Lees



1848 Hydesville Rappings occur Contemporary reports
1849 Lees born, 12 August, Hinckley, Leics Birth certificate and 1851 Census
1855 The first spiritualist newspaper published (Yorkshire Spiritual Telegraph) That newspaper
1861 Lees family living in Rugby 1861 census
1863 Lees psychic abilities investigated by Dr Richard Norris in Birmingham Eva Lees
1864 Lees family living in Birmingham Lees family papers and trade directories
1868 Alleged seances with Queen Victoria end Eva Lees
1871 Lees marries Sarah Ann Bishop, Erdington, Warks (17 December) Marriage certificate
1871 Sir William Crookes’ investigation into spiritualism presented to the Royal Society SPR records
1873 Son (1) Norman born, Warks. 1881 census
1875 Son (2) Ernest born, 12 September, Lancashire 1881 census
1876 Lees and his family living in Manchester 1881 census
1877 Son (3) Frank born, 12 January, Lancashire 1881 census
1877 Son (4) Lionel born, December, Lancashire 1881 census
1878 Lees and family move to London  
1878 Son (5) Bernard born, 1 December, Surrey 1881 census
1879 Daughter (1) Eva born, 14 November, Surrey 1881 census
1879 Titbits launched by Newnes  
1880 Lees father William dies in Liverpool Workhouse (13 May) His death certificate
1881 Son (6) Aylmer born, 14 January, Forest Hill, Kent 1881 census
1881 Lees living at 3 Allenby Vale, Lewisham, Kent 1881 census
1882 Son (7) Douglas born, 3 March  
1882 Society For Psychical Research founded SPR records
1883 Fenian Gallacher arrested Police and newspaper reports
1884 Son (8) Claude born Leicester Mercury obituary of Claude
1886 Lees statement on return to spiritualism published in Light Light
1886 Lees lecture tour of America Contemporary newspaper reports
1886 Daughter (2) Pearl born, 11 March  
1887 Daughter (3) Eiola born, 8 May  
1888 Jack the Ripper murders  
1891 Daughter (4) Viola born, 15 February  
1892 Lees living at 67 Ondine Road, East Dulwich, S.E. Letters from W.T.Stead
1892 Son (9) Marmion born, 28 September  
1893 Son (10) Iolanthe born, 12 February  
1893 The Peoples League launched in Peckham on 18 November League’s Minute book and Lees diary
1895 Chicago article on Lees and Jack the Ripper published That newspaper
1895 Lees moves to St Ives, Cornwall. Closure of the Peoples League Lees diary
1896 Lees’ will written and witnessed His will
1897 Daughter (5) Muriel born, 14 April. St Ives Birth certificate
1897 Lees' first book(let) `A Corner Wall Mystery' published (25 Nov) The Times 5 November 1897 P12
1900 Lees moves to Plymouth  
1900 The Heretic published Date on 1st edition
1900 Through the Mists published Date of 1st edition
1902 Lees moves to Ilfracombe (`Craigmore’)  
1903 An Astral Bridegroom published Date of 1st edition
1912 Sarah Ann Lees dies, Ilfracombe Newspaper obituary and Letter from W.T.Stead (22/02/12)
1912 The Life Elysian published Date of 1st edition
1915 Son Wallace Caerel Lees dies in action in Foncquevillers, France. He was serving with the 10th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers. Commonwealth War Graves Commission
1922 Son Aylmer dies, 21 December  
1931 Lees dies (11 January, Leicester) Newspaper obituaries
1931 Eva Lees interviewed by Brackenbury for SPR investigation (May) SPR files
1944 Daniel Black’s unpublished biography of Lees written Date of manuscript
1953 Leicester Centre for Psychic Research launched by Eva and Claude Lees Leicester Mercury report
1965 Son Claude dies, 23 October, Leicester Leicester Mercury obituary
1968 Daughter Eva dies, Leicester Leicester Mercury obituary

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