Robert James Lees -Lee's sons

Robert James Lees


Lees' sons

Claude Lees

Claude Lees, the son of Robert James Lees who became a professional photographer based in Leicester, England. Kelly's Directory for Leicester (1957) describes him as Director of Fisher & Potter (photographers). His address is 103 Greenhill Road, Leicester; Fisher & Potter's trading address is given as 19 High Street.  Claude also practised as a spiritual healer.



Douglas and his wife

Douglass Lees (son of Robert James Lees) and his wife Frances May Leake.


Five sons


Robert James Lees is flanked here by his five eldest sons. Back row (L-R): Bertie, Norman, Douglass. Front row (L-R): Aylmer, Robert James Lees, Claude. Taken at Claude's studio.


Lionel Lees


Lionel Lees, at about the time of his marriage to Jessie (Pearl Thorne) (26 December 1899)


Lionel Lees


Lionel Herbert Lees, a studio portrait from Chicago, 1902



Lionel Lees relaxing on his back porch. c.1930s.


Lionel in Sunday clothes


Lionel Lees in Sunday morning clothes c.1930s.


Lionel in garage clothes

Lionel Lees in work clothes outside his garage. c.1930s.


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