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Leicester Chronicler
The historic heartbeat of the City of Leicester and its environs in the English East Midlands - where Lees was born and where he died. A reflection of past and present thoughts and aspirations. Our sister site.

The Car of Phoebus
The full text of Lee's book is available online here. 

Lees' books online
Several of Robert James Lees' books are available here in full as downloadable PDF files including Through the Mists, The Gate of Heaven and The Life Elysian.

Through the Mists on Line
On this site you can purchase an audio version of Lees' `Through the Mists'.

Robert James Lees and Visions from Hell?
Article by Jennifer Pegg (who contributes to this site) which appeared first in the Australian magazine Ripperoo, placed online by the Casebook Jack the Ripper site.

Credible Books Ltd
A new UK-based publishing house dealing with books `for the enquiring mind'. Those who gain benefit from Lees' writings will find similar material within the books that this company plans to publish.

William Withey Gull and Robert James Lees
Brief biographical article from the BBC Essex website.

24 Hour Museum
Numerous relevant articles and links to assist in historical research. A major portal for all who work in the field of history, archive management and museums.

Arthur Conan Doyle Society
The official site of the Arthur Conan Doyle Society.

Jack The Ripper
The most comprehensive site on the web devoted to the Whitechapel Murders and `Jack the Ripper’. You will need to register your details in order to use the site's extensive facilities.

ASH, The Association of Spiritualists and Healers
Affiliated to UK Healers, this site has been redesigned recently, and serves as a link to a number of spiritualist and healing organisations and individuals in the United Kingdom.

Linda's Tributes, Quotations and Meditations
A fascinating site with a link to this one. Click on `Tributes ', and then on `Robert James Lees' to read Linda's comments.

British Clairvoyant Academy
The home pages of the BCA (British Clairvoyant Academy) and the site for UK mediums Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker. A major paranormal resource.

Near-Death Experiences
A site that considers incidents of near-death experiences, including the writings of Robert James Lees.

BBC Radio Leicester
The BBC’s news and information site for Leicestershire, England. (Lees was born in Leicestershire in 1849 and died in Leicester in 1931).

Leicester Civic Society

A new site for a venerable and valuable society. "We stand for protecting and preserving all that is best in the heritage of Leicester and improving the environment for the present and future generations".

1901 Census
Contains the results of the 1901 census for England and Wales. The ideal and obvious site for anyone researching ancestors or wishing to find out who lived at a particular address in 1901.

Spirit Photography
The pictures of photographer Robert Boursnell with a biography and self-portrait. See also our Images section.

Peter Underwood
Peter Underwood has included material on Robert James Lees in his books on Jack the Ripper and Queen Victoria. These are both highly recommended. This is his personal site reflecting his long and varied experience of psychic phenomena.

Porthminster Hotel, St Ives
The owner of The Porthminster Hotel in St Ives angered the Temperance Movement at the time Lees lived in the resort. As a consequence, Lees knew this building well, but never patronised it.

Arthur Conan Doyle, Hydesville and the Cottingley Fairies
An excellent overview of Arthur Conan-Doyle's stance on the Hydesville Rappings and the Cottingley Fairies incidents.

A useful site for finding second hand copies of books by Robert James Lees. Just enter his name in the author box and press return.

Spiritualist National Union
The Spiritualist National Union is the United Kingdom's largest spiritualist organisation, founded at the beginning of the 19th century. The contents of Lees' study was transferred to their headquarters after his death in 1931, and is maintained today as part of their museum.

Alfred Russel Wallace
A site devoted to Alfred Russel Wallace, philosopher and spiritualist, near contemporary of Lees, and one-time schoolmaster in Leicester.

Sara Douglass
Sara Douglass (aka Sara Warneke) is a top-selling novelist in Australia, and a great grand-daughter of Robert James Lees.

Sara Douglass
And yet more - an interview with the novelist including a reference to Robert James Lees.

The Noah's Ark Society
The Noah's Ark Society, a worldwide educational society for the promotion, development and safe practice of physical mediumship (and based in the English East Midlands).

A gateway to numerous paranormal sites.

Paranormal Resources
Paranormal related news, books and web resources.

UK Psychics
A comprehensive and broadly-based site for those who wish to enquire further into psychic organisations and practitioners in the United Kingdom.

Psychic Minds
A UK website offering "professional, confidential psychic readings offering you guidance and direction for your life". Charges apply.

Semper Eadem
One of the finest sites covering the history and heritage of Leicester. Highly recommended.


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