Robert James Lees - Family Man

Robert James Lees


The Family Man



Old family group


A family portrait rich in detail, taken at 26 The Gardens, Peckham Rye. It is dated 1896, but the family had moved to St Ives in the previous year. Back row (L to R): Bertie, R.J.Lees, Norman, Eva. Middle row (L to R): Lionel, Aylmer, Sara, Douglas, Ernest. Back row (L to R): Pearl b.1886, Claude b.1884, and Viola b.1887.



Family group


Back row (l-r) Claude, Eiola, (not known), Eva, Bertie, (not known). The ladies seated either side of Robert James Lees are not identified.


Family group


Date and location unknown, but probably Ilfracombe between 1902 and 1912. It is interesting to compare the apparent ages of the children in this picture with those in the picture above.


Pearl and Harry


Pearl Lees and her husband Harold.


Claude, Eva and Robert James Lees


Claude, Eva and Robert James Lees
No additional details available for this portrait,
but the location could be Leicester c.1926.



Unidentified family group


This is an unidentified family group. It is obviously a studio portrait. Written indistinctly on the back are the names Edith 19, Silian 18, Sallei 16, Thorel 9, and Percy 7 months. Further identification and information would be welcomed.


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