Robert James Lees Daughters-

Robert James Lees


The daughters of Robert James Lees

Nurse Eiola


Lees' daughter Eiola (Viola Valdrona Irene) who was born on 8th May 1887.
She married Edward Headley and had two children. They lived in Bournemouth,
England. Eiola was a nurse by profession. This print was posed as a
Christmas postcard dated 1915.

RJL and Eva


Lees' eldest daughter, Eva with her arm around her beloved father, from
the frontispiece of the fifteenth impression of `The Life Elysian'.


RJLS and Eva - rare image


A rare image of Lees with his daughter Eva. We believe that this image is slightly different from the clearer image reproduced above. Evelyn Amy Florence was born on 14 November 1879 in Surrey, Kent. She died in 1968 in Leicester, England.  In his later years, she was her father's carer, housekeeper, counsellor and friend.  She was also a devout spiritualist and was very active in the spiritualist circles of Leicester.




Muriel Amethyst Athene Lees, the youngest daughter of Robert and Sarah, pictured in `Daisy Queen' outfit. Muriel was born on 14 April 1897, St Ives, Cornwall. She married Walter Edwin Betts 14 April 1923 in Rochester, Kent. She had two children - Barbara and Derek. Muriel died on 15 March 1973, in Cairns, North Queensland, Australia.  Her daughter Barbara, has recently published her own personal account of her childhood.




A further childhood portrait of Muriel Lees, the
youngest daughter of Robert and Sarah.




Pearl Clemensa Eunice Lees, also recorded as Pearl May Jasmine, born
11 March 1886.
She was also known as `May'.


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