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Many hundreds of individuals and organisations have assisted in the research and provision of material relating to Robert James Lees and his family. The author of this site would like to acknowledge, with grateful thanks, each and every contribution


The descendants of William Lingham Lees

Mike Hutchinson
Jack and Edith Mann
Marit Fulk
Terry and Diane Hills
Barbara Gladys Holdsworth
Glenn Lees
Veronica Keogh Lees
Sara Warneke
Chris Vernham
Jane Moon
Chris, Frazer and Lauren Porter
Laura van Geersdaele

Researchers and advisors

Grace Eckley (Editor, NewsStead)
Paul Begg (Editor,The Ripperologist)
Stewart P Evans (Author and Researcher)
Keith Skinner (Author and Researcher)
Melvyn Harris (Author and Researcher)
Peter Underwood (Author, Ghost hunter and psychic researcher)
Leslie Price (Theosophical Society)
Matthew Butt (Technical support)
Linda Butt (MA thesis on Lees' papers)
Jennifer Pegg (Researcher)
The late Douglas Goodlad (Newspaper editor)
John Beasley (The Peckham Society)
Frank W Dailey (Society of American Magicians)
Gabriela and Danielle Erdos
Eric Flavell (formerly `Mr Leicester' on Leicester Mercury)
Canon Kenneth Quine (Diocese of Leicester)
Mr & Mrs R.W.Simpson (formerly of the Robert James Lees Trust)

Organisations and Archives

The staff of the Record Office for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland
The Spiritualist National Union
The Society for Psychical Research
Vaughan Way Spiritualist Church, Leicester
Lee Circle Spiritualist Church, Leicester
Queen's College Birmingham
Aston Villa Football Club
Hinckley Times
Psychic News
The Two Worlds
The Theosophical Society (England)
Steve England (Librarian, Leicester Mercury)
Leicestershire Libraries' local studies librarians, Leicester and Hinckley
Leicester City Council Bishop Street Reference Library


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